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The Leaf Chair

A look at the Leaf Chair from our North American Partners, FlagHouse.

Hip Hop Activity Box™ Sensory Room Panel

Hip Hop Activity Box

Hip Hop Activity Box

Rewarding, responsive and remarkably versatile! The vibrant illuminated screen and matching interactive floor pad allows you to play games, create music and trigger shows of light and colour.

The panel has 6 unique modes and is packed with games, sound effects and music for endless hours of fun and learning. Encourage movement, creativity and composition, listening skills, meaningful activity and an understanding of cause and effect.

Enjoy passively or interactively in a targeted way, or simply to allow exploration and choice at the user’s own pace.

    Features include:

  • 6 modes of operation, including Simon Says and Create a Song
  • Different levels of complexity – some modes are simple and others are more challenging
  • 10 different sound effects including musical instruments, animal and space sounds
  • Accessible and illuminated push button
  • Great for colour recognition and matching
  • Can be use with a microphone for a sound to light effect to encourage vocalisation

This product contains wood.

Colour Catch Combo™ Sensory Room Panel

Colour Catch Combo

Includes 4 colour based games designed to improve memory, colour recognition, motor skills but most of all to be great fun!

The panel fills with colour and light during use and provides exciting visual and auditory rewards for taking part. Matching is an important foundation skill for language and mathematical concepts, whilst being an activity enjoyed by all ages.

Colour Catch Combo
    Features include:

  • For passive and interactive use
  • 4 games including Memory Match, Colour Fill and Colour Snap
  • Adjustable challenge levels for a range of abilities – from simple games to more complex memory tasks
  • Easily-adjusted difficulty levels
  • Accessible and illuminated push buttons
  • Sockets for your own switches
  • Can be use with a microphone for a sound to light effect to encourage vocalisation
  • Touch screen tracks your score and the high score for the session
  • Displays scores to help monitor progress

Colour Command Centre™ Sensory Room Panel

Colour command Centre

Colour Command Centre

Rompa®’s largest interactive wireless controller. Rewarding and responsive; empowering and engaging. Navigate through a spectrum of colours, patterns and levels of brightness on the large Colour Command Centre.

Be amazed as the room transforms as other Rompa® wireless products change colour to match. Change the colour and the brightness of the large display as well as that of other ROMPA® products in your room. Unique, in that this is both a ROMPA® WiFi controller and a WiFi controllable product.

    Features include:

  • 3 modes of operation - passive, interactive and music
  • Different effects such as solid colours, colour fading in and out, lights looping around the display
  • Multiple illuminated push buttons at the base and within the display
  • Use the panel buttons to select a base colour; then press the onscreen buttons to adjust the hues and brightness of that colour
  • Sockets for your own switches
  • Can be use with a microphone for a sound to light effect to encourage vocalisation