Bubble Tubes

Bubble Tubes

An essential component of a Snoezelen® Multi-Sensory Environment. Bubble Tubes provide multi-sensory feedback and stimulate the visual system, facilitating your client’s ability to track bubbles and objects. The constant effects of color change are also useful for promoting color recognition and visual perception. Further, when your client gazes at the tube, his/her level of relaxation may be enhanced.

In addition to the visual benefits, bubble tubes are ideal for providing tactile stimulation. Encourage your clients to touch the bubble tube because doing so will offer them tactile feedback. They will feel the vibratory sensations shiver through their hands.

Reliable and Safe

Designed with reliability and safety as a priority, these products will give years of service, bringing relaxation and stimulation to any Snoezelen® sensory room or multi-sensory environment.

Interactive and Engaging

Interactive* and with LED lights - they are easier to maintain than ever before with their fill and empty from the bottom feature! Beware poor quality imitations!

Our range of bubble tubes in this section* offer:

  • Cycle through the full spectrum of colours, every colour in the rainbow and all the shades in between!
  • Wi Fi compatibility
  • Facility to be easily programmed

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