Aura Projector

Projection is a powerful tool for facilitating change in an MSE.  It is used to promote relaxation through visual engagement. Projectors can provide endless possibilities to immerse the client into a meaningful virtual experience. They may be used for Reminiscence Therapy or to elicit conversation. For children, they add excitement to storytelling as well as for pure imaginative fun.

Projectors are typically installed on a shelf out of client’s reach for safety.

There are various types of projectors available depending on the space and budget. Several projectors offer numerous accessories to increase visual experiences.

  1. Laser Stars: Powerful green laser and holographic technology casts a starry night on any ceiling. The cloud formations and shooting stars create a calm and relaxing environment.
  2. Aura LED Projector: Ideal for the home or small space. Visually appealing projection great for calming and relaxation. Features include: timer, dimming control , LED control, built in Wi-Fi hotspot, free iOS/Apple app.
  3. Solar 100/250 Projectors: Easy to use projectors that accommodate a variety of projection images to evoke imagination, inspire communication, stimulate and also for reminiscence. A variety of accessories can be added easily for different effects such as the panoramic rotator, deflective mirror and 4-facet clip on prism.
  4. GetureTek Cube - This portable, durable interactive display offers vivid projection that allows users to interact and experience cause and effect.

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