Case Studies

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has embraced and effectively endorsed Snoezelen MSE's for veterans' facilities. The VA asked its workforce to submit innovative ideas about improving the VA and veterans' lives. A therapist at the VA's Specialty Care Clinic in Wilkes - Barre, Pennsylvania, submitted her idea for a MSE and training. The VA embraced the idea and funded the clinic's Snoezelen room.

At the Aptus Treatment Centre for Adults and Children with Complex Disabilities, adults with autism can benefit from a unique program designed to help them regulate and integrate sensory input in ways that significantly impact their lives. Therapists there have observed that allowing people to regulate their sensory needs can make a positive difference in their lives.

Buckner Villas has begun to tap the benefit of The Harbor's Snoezelen room, finding it an excellent place for residents' families to visit with their loved ones. In addition, Buckner International, which provides child and family services as well as operates full continuum of care retirement communities, has a history of encouraging intergenerational activities between its children's campuses and retirement communities.

Stockton Elementary School become an even better place for both students and teachers by creating its own SNOEZELEN room and exposing children to regular SNOEZELEN sessions.

Arizona State Veteran's Home (ASVH) is the first SNOEZELEN room in Arizona to combat the effects of dementia. With the Area Agency on Aging funding, the full-scale SNOEZELEN room at ASVH in central Phoenix opened in 2007. After SNOEZELEN room sessions, dementia care residents show improved affect, increased mobility, and better communication skills, observes ASVH Recreation Therapist Dannis Murphy.

Escambia Westgate’s extraordinary Lacey A. Collier SNOEZELEN Complex Pensacola, FL! Here, children with severe handicaps and autism have fun, learn, and, best of all, achieve their highest potential every day. Using sensory experiences within a learning environment makes this centre an exceptional place.

Orange Grove is a community provider of comprehensive services for children and adults with intellectual physical disabilities and developmental delays based in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Through a strategic partnership with FlagHouse Orange Grove opened the doors to its brand-new, state-of-the-art SNOEZELEN Center in spring 2005.