Orange Grove Center

The Snoezelen® Multi-Sensory Environment at Orange Grove Center is designed to engage and stimulate students' senses and provide a method for nurturing sensory integration, and it's working.

The Snoezelen MSE has produced exciting anecdotal results. A young man with pronounced autism who had previously demonstrated profoundly limited social and verbal skills is now more engaged with his peers and verbalizing. For this student, Snoezelen was a turning point.

Another adolescent with acute mental and physical challenges had always been hypersensitive to tactile sensations, often recoiling when touching certain objects. The teacher was awestruck as she watched this student relax and make flat-handed, full-surface contact with a key piece of equipment. Another Snoezelen breakthrough!

FlagHouse applauds Orange Grove Center for seeking the scientific reasons behind the milestones. We believe that this research opportunity will help qualify and quantify the ability of Snoezelen to provide a highly motivating sensory environment in an education setting to further the skills of a wide range of individuals with special needs. FlagHouse feels deeply privileged to have been a part of the Snoezelen room at Orange Grove Center.

Learn more about Orange Grove Center by visiting their website here.

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