Canadian Deafblind Association

The 13,380 square foot Resource Centre provides Canadian Deafblind Association Ontario with the ability to provide additional programs for people who are deafblind from across Ontario in areas such as volunteer opportunities, music programs, sensory experiences, respite, social and recreational activities, art programs, and much more.

FlagHouse worked with CDBA in Paris, Ontario to design and install a Snoezelen® Multi-Sensory Environment.

The Snoezelen room is equipped with traditional products such as bubble tubes, fiber optics, projection and a variety of other products for stimulation and calming. The Music room is a state of the art environment equipped with our high tech products such as Ground FX, Sensory Magic and Opti-music. The floors are even designed to create vibration for the enjoyment of those that CDB serves!

Learn more about the Canadian Deafblind Association by visiting their website here.


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